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Going Down

Escape from a seemingly ever expanding underground car park, by reaching the elevator leading to the next level. 


  • Randomly generated levels
  • Perk system
  • Non-standard combat system

How to play

Exploration Phase

Explore the level, find the elevator to the next floor. You are "safe" while in this phase

Combat Phase

When you inevitably get ambushed by monsters, you enter the combat phase. You need to eliminate all enemies to end the combat phase.

The Flow of Battle

You can move freely in battle mode, and once you have at least one action point, you can do the following:

  • Dodge: Dodging is a great way to avoid enemy attacks or to get to a safe distance and shoot!
  • Plan: Indicated by the target (2) and range (3) indicators showing and time slowing down, in this mode you can pick your targets. Don't forget to press the [Confirm] button once you picked your targets!
  • Act: Once you confirmed your plan, you then act on it! You can't control your character until all the actions are performed!

Heads Up Display

1. Status and Items

  • Health Bar: Shows your current Health.
  • Action Bar: Shows the amount of action points you have, fills up during battle.
  • Medkits: Shows the amount of medkits you have.

2. Target Indicator

  • Action Points: Show the amount of actions you can take.
  • Bullet Count: The amount of bullets you have loaded.

3. Range Indicator


On most levels, you may come across vending machines, they can be used to acquire perks to help you in various way, but they don't come cheap! You can acquire a perk by spending 25 Health Points. Don't worry if you don't have enough, acquiring perks can't kill you!


Move/Select Target:  

Left Stick - WASD - Arrow Keys

Plan Mode/Confirm Target/Select:

X Button - J key - X key

Dodge / Cancel:

A Button - L key - V key

Confirm Plan:

Y Button - K key - C key

Use medkit:

Select button - M key

Tips and Tricks

  • While not in battle, you can heal yourself up a bit if you have a medkit by standing still and pressing the use medkit button.
  • Always keep a spare action point for dodging in risky situations.
  • If you are hit, and have at least one action point, you can still dodge. 


Design and Code: GDeavid @GDeavid

Music and Ambience: Adam Saunders @AudioTryhard

Assets Used





[3D Models]



GoingDownLinux.zip 61 MB
GoingDownMac.zip 73 MB
GoingDownWin.rar 57 MB

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