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nice game.
however at the third screen I was almost about to give up because I had kind of forgotten about the roll mechanic in this game :-D
gladly I remembered reading about it in the controls here.

in literally the final room I am still unsure if the arrow traps are there to help you or to kill you.
cause I killed the enemies way easier than when using the traps :-)

I dont know what it is(maybe its intentional?) but sometimes after an attack series you seem to glide for a bit, stuck in the animation, not able to move and enemy can hit you in that time.

maybe it's the end of the combo and I didnt realize it until now :-)

The game looks great but not just the controls are confusing, the camera is sometimes taking way longer to switch to the other one. Also, seems very confusing on what to do.

Hey there, thanks for the feedback! What part of the controls are confusing? The button mapping or the usage?

Camera wise, are you talking about going from one room to another or switching regions?

The button mapping and the usage too as there is a slight delay in action. 

When we go to other regions the camera is sometimes taking a lot of time to change from one to the other.

I recommended playing with a controller - if you can - if the button mapping on the keyboard is not comfortable for you. If you are talking about the delay in attacking, that is intentional.

If you change regions - not rooms - there is a screen transition and also a title card showing you the name of the area, are you talking about that in regards to the camera being slow?